Professional Squirrel Control & Removal

Is your home being invaded by squirrels? Are you in need of wildlife removal?

Squirrel Removal Pro is a professional wildlife control company servicing the greater Shreveport and Bossier City Louisiana area including Bossier , Caddo, and Webster Parishes.

squirrel removalWe specialize in squirrel removal from places like attics, chimneys,inside walls , fireplaces,dryer vents and in homes and offices.  We are a poison free wildlife removal company and handle all animals in a humane manner. Squirrel Removal Pro is a part of Wildlife Abatement LLC and  is licensed by the Louisiana Game Commission and is fully insured.

If you are in need of professional squirrel control, squirrel removal or attic restoration give us call today, we can solve your Louisiana Squirrel Problem Guaranteed!!

Squirrel control can be a difficult task most often requiring ladders and construction skills to solve the problem. We offer complete solutions to squirrel problems by sealing up wildlife entry points to keep the animals out for good. Squirrel exclusion is the process of sealing all possible entry points squirrels may use to enter our homes and is an effective way to protect your property against squirrel invasions. Once all squirrel entry points are sealed the invading squirrels will be evicted permanently.  All of our exclusion work is completed with quality materials designed to keep wildlife outside , as well as blend in unnoticed . We offer a 100% guarantee on all squirrel exclusion work against wildlife  re-entry, we will get the squirrels out and keep them out!

Squirrel Removal Pro is a full service wildlife control company specializing in humane squirrel removal, armadillo removalraccoon control , bat removal , bird control, mice and rat control, skunk removal, animal trapping and all wildlife pest control.

Squirrels are one of the leading wildlife pest in Northern Louisiana invading homes everyday across the Shreveport and Bossier City area. Squirrels can cause considerable damage to Webster Parish homes and buildings during their attempts to enter, and once inside can destroy attic insulation and chew electrical wires.

We offer professional wildlife removal and exclusion , as well as attic clean out services , attic insulation replacement , wildlife damage repair, gutter cleaning and gutter protection systems , chimney capping and more. Call us today (318)553-3006