How To Get Rid Of Squirrels in the Attic

It’s crucial to find out where they are getting in and out, and yes, they go out for water and food. Once you find the entry holes, you can mount a special repeater trap or a one-way exclusion door right on the hole. The repeater trap will trap all the squirrels in one shot, and the exclusion door will let them out, but not back in. It’s vital to make sure that any secondary holes are sealed shut, or else this won’t work. Another option is to set several small cage traps on the roof and under eaves and bolted to fascia boards, to trap them all. But cage traps aren’t nearly as efficient, and they often don’t fully succeed, and they can catch non-target squirrels. Once all squirrels are definitely out, and any trapped squirrels are relocated at least five miles away, you can seal up the primary entry hole. You will also want to clean up their feces and nesting material, and check for electrical wire damage. But wait! It’s not always so simple. Squirrels go into attics to give birth to a litter of young. You must deal with the baby squirrels in the correct manner. Below, and on the many pages of this site, I’ve written everything you need to know about getting rid of squirrels in the attic.

Squirrels in the attic in Shreveport can be a big and messy problem, but Wildlife Abatement can take care of it. While most squirrels do not carry serious diseases, squirrels can actually make you sick indirectly. Getting rid of squirrels in the attic and other areas of the home is sometimes difficult but it must be done to insure the safety of your health and your home.

How do you get rid of squirrels in the attic?

Well basically you have to remove all access into the attic so that the squirrel cannot get into the attic. This may mean chopping down trees that squirrels can leap from to get into your Shreveport Louisiana home. In some cases, trimming the tree back is all you need to do. You may be thinking, how far can a squirrel jump? The average squirrel can jump 10 feet. That means if you have any branches within 10 feet of your home, a squirrel can makes its way into the attic and other areas of the Louisiana home.

Squirrels in the AtticEven after you remove trees and branches, a pesky squirrel that has made it into your home before is going to try very hard to get back in. You’ll have to seal off all access to your home.

Squirrels may also be walking the telephone and electric lines to get into your North Louisiana home. Use squirrel predator decoys when and where possible to keep them off the lines. DO NOT ACTUALLY TOUCH ANY POWER LINES . Owl decoys prevent squirrels and birds from getting into attic eaves so this may be a good choice if you are also getting birds nests in your attic eaves.